Shedron Davis

Executive Director

Shedron Davis is the founder and Executive Director of Alpha & Omega Nutrition Program, Inc. Commenced in November 2011, the company has risen beyond expectations. Humbled by many afflictions, driven by purpose, guided  by principles and her unwavering passion to serve others, Shedron is a visionary  and powerful current in our Memphis community. With character, strength and faith,  Shedron has triumphed beyond expectations while remaining confident, courageous  and fruitful.


She has faced many challenges but none were enough to  discourage the vision and goals of her new company. She has learned to embrace challenges with intensity and positive adjustments. Her belief is that character is who you really are and people should not give others the power of change.


Shedron believes your seed is the only influence you have in your life. Therefore, she does not permit herself to operate in fear. The greatest advice she has is to stay true to who you really  are. Her greatest motivation is repeatedly being denied the opportunity to be a full participant in her destiny. Therefore, she has learned that things that don'’t make you bitter will make you better.