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Our mission is to make nutrition a priority

for children in daycare by

educating childcare providers.

About Us

Alpha & Omega Nutrition Program, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 public charity organization. We are contracted with the Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS), the Mississippi Department of Education (MDOE) Office of Child Nutrition and funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to administer the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).


This organization seeks to establish and build positive relationships with children, families and community leaders while providing community service and benefits to eligible childcare providers in Tennessee.


Alpha & Omega is the model image that reflects the society we would like our families and citizens to live. As we attempt to reassure food and financial security in this economic time, we provide opportunities needed to support our mission. The resources provided encourage providers to be effective in combating obesity, ending hunger, and strengthening the family unit to become an empowered voice.


We want to empower the children of our community to choose nutritious, well-balanced meal options. We do this by providing training tools and resources to the child care providers we serve as a step in fighting childhood obesity.


Our mission is to make nutrition a priority in daycare by educating childcare providers.


Our vision is to be the principal food and nutrition resource for a transformed generation empowering our children, our future, to succeed immeasurably by cultivating a healthy lifestyle.


We value accountability and accessibility. We are committed to best practices and maintaining the integrity of the CACFP program. At the core of our commitment to execute our mission, we also value wellness, health and safety.


We change the lives of children daily.

About Us

Nutritional Training

As a sponsoring agency, we are committed to providing meaningful opportunities to child care providers that further educate about nutritious meal options. In addition, our training opportunities promote health, wellness, physical activity and the safety of children served in the community.


We collaboratively work with the child care provider to provide a timely, monthly  monetary reimbursement for healthy, nutritious meals and snacks served to eligible enrolled children in licensed and unregulated day care homes and centers.


(Meals are served in accordance to the United States Department of Agriculture meal pattern requirements and CACFP program guidelines.)

Better Nutrition Choices

The CACFP program was created to embrace the chief objectives of the National School Lunch Act of 1968 and the Child Nutrition Act of 1966: " safeguard the health and well-being of the nation's children, and to encourage the domestic consumption of nutritious agricultural foods." Our purpose is to improve the quality of meals and snacks served to children 12 years old and under in child care homes and centers and 18 years old and under in at-risk after school care programs.

Serving Communities

We are dedicated to serving children, older adults and families participating in the CACFP in Shelby, Dyer, Jackson-Madison & Tipton counties (Districts 7 & 8) in Tennessee and Benton, Desoto, Marshall, Panola & Tunica counties in Mississippi. 

What We Do

How We Do It

Program Funding

Alpha & Omega Nutrition Program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to administer the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).


Alpha & Omega provides the training and resources to ensure that providers are in compliance with the USDA meal pattern guidelines. Meal components include breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks (AM and PM).

Each meal component includes the following based on the CACFP guidelines:

  • Meat or Meat Alternates

  • Bread or Bread Alternates

  • Fruits 

  • Vegetables

  • Milk (1%, skim, whole)

  • Infant Foods (age appropriate)

Visit ChooseMyPlate to learn more about nutritious meals.


Through the CACFP, Alpha & Omega provides a monetary reimbursement for serving meals to enrolled participants that meet federal nutritional guidelines, outlined in the CACFP meal pattern. Monthly reimbursement payments are directly deposited into a bank account.


The meal reimbursement rates are federal rates that are published annually.  Participating institutions receive reimbursement for meals on a monthly basis.  Reimbursements are based on the number of meals served to enrolled children, multiplied by the appropriate reimbursement rate for each breakfast, lunch, supper, or snacks they are approved to serve. Alpha & Omega receives, approves, and processes claims. Click here to view the current federal rates.


Family Day Homes

Reimbursement for meals served in day care homes is based upon eligibility for tier I rates (which targets higher levels of reimbursement to low-income areas, providers, or children) or lower tier II rates. Income information is kept confidential at all times.


Childcare Center

For-profit child care centers are eligible if at least 25 percent of enrolled children or 25 percent of the licensed capacity (whichever is less), or at least 25 percent of the children in care are eligible for free and reduced price meals.  Meals served to children are reimbursed at rates based upon a child's household income eligibility.  

How We Do It

Online Claiming

KidKare is a CACFP online management and claiming tool that will make submitting your claim a breeze! And you can go MOBILE!


Have 100% of CACFP recordkeeping on any device: phone, tablet, or computer… including Macs!


With KidKare you can easily:

  • Enroll & withdraw children

  • Record meals

  • Submit claims to Sponsor

  • Note school holidays, child sick days, etc.

  • Pre-plan & print menus

  • Print tax reports

  • Find out how much you'll be reimbursed

  • Eliminate claim errors

All you need is access to the internet. KidKare is not an app, but it is web-based. Online training tools are available for your convenience!

Online Claiming
Shedron Davis 2.jpg

Executive Director

Shedron Davis is the founder and Executive Director of Alpha & Omega Nutrition Program, Inc. Commenced in November 2011, the company has risen beyond expectations. Humbled by many afflictions, driven by purpose, guided  by principles and her unwavering passion to serve others, Shedron is a visionary  and powerful current in our Memphis community. With character, strength and faith,  Shedron has triumphed beyond expectations while remaining confident, courageous  and fruitful.


She has faced many challenges but none were enough to discourage the vision and goals of her new company. She has learned to embrace challenges with intensity and positive adjustments. Her belief is that character is who you really are and people should not give others the power of change.


Shedron believes your seed is the only influence you have in your life. Therefore, she does not permit herself to operate in fear. The greatest advice she has is to stay true to who you really  are. Her greatest motivation is repeatedly being denied the opportunity to be a full participant in her destiny. Therefore, she has learned that things that don'’t make you bitter will make you better.

Executive Director
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